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Record Books and "Add Sheets" are available on the State 4-H Website at:

or check out the files below!

RECORD BOOKS - PDF Files - PRINT out. Not interactive
  Print out for entering info. by hand or with type writer.


RECORD BOOKS - Interactive

Click on the link to the record book(s) you want to use. A copy of that document will come up in your browser window. Choose "file" - "save as" or "save target as" and rename it. Remember where you save it on your hard drive.

(Optional: If you want to save a copy of the record book on your computer without opening it first do the following. Right click on the link, choose "save target as..." and rename it. Remember what folder you save the copy in on your hard drive.)

The Word files below are .doc files and can be opened and completed in Microsoft Word versions 2003 or 2007. You may want to save an extra "blank copy" (give it a unique name). That way, if a "major glitch" happens to a secition of your "working record book file" - you can copy and paste a "clean page" into your working document.

  • C0932, 4-H Record Book, Level 1
  • C0933, 4-H Permanent Record Book, Level 1
  • C0957, 4-H Project Record, Level 1
  • C0934, 4-H Record Book, Level 2
  • C0935, 4-H Permanent Record Book, Level 2
  • C0947, 4-H Project Record, Level 2

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More Project Add Sheets and other 4-H Publications

Record Book Competition
Lincoln and Adams County 4-H'ers:
Good record keeping is a skill you will use your entire life. AND, believe it or not, it CAN be fun! One tip . . . don't wait until you only have a few days left to finish (or start) your Record Book. This causes frustration! You will enjoy doing your Record Book so much more if you keep up on it. Really!!!

If you choose to enter your Record Book in competition, remember that judging is subjective . . . one judge may view certain areas of your book differently than another judge. Whether you use the WSU published Record Book form, self designed, or a computer produced Record Book, you should follow the guidelines included on the Li-Adams 4-H Record Book Evaluation Forms.

Lincoln County, WA 4-H'ers can contact Jenny Kane 991-7717 (New for 2013)
Adams County, WA 4-H'ers can contact Alice Weber   349-2992
4-H'ers from other counties should contact their local Extension Office.

Lincoln-Adams Record Book SCORE GUIDES

In Lincoln and Adams counties, you may use any style record book you like to fulfill your 4-H record keeping obligation! You can use the computer or hand-write on pre-printed Record Book pages. You can even create your own or incorporate portions created with software such as Excel, Quick Books or others!! The point is to keep records that reflect what you plan, do, learn, spend, and earn!

However, each Fair or County may require specific reocord book formats or have unique judging criteria. If you want to place well in competition, it is up to YOU to find out ahead of time what the expectations are for a specific Record Book entry.

To place well in Lincoln County or Wheat Land Communities Fair competition, your record book can be any style or format, but should include the elements listed on the appropriate Record Book Evaluation form below. And the Sections should be tabbed and in the order described HERE for Level 2. (Level 1 has slightly different sections - follw the order on the Evaluation form)

  • 4-H #42-A, (PDF) 4-H Record Book Evaluation - Level 2, Li-Adams County, WA
  • 4-H #42-B, (PDF) 4-H Record Book Evaluation - Level 1, Li-Adams County, WA
  • 4-H #42-P, (PDF) 4-H Record Book Comment Sheet - Primary, Li-Adams County, WA

Tip Sheets for 4-H Record Book Fair Entries
to Lincoln County Fair and Wheat Land Communities Fair
WORD       PDF

More Record Book Instructions (PDF)